Dancing with the Stars: An Inside Look into the Difficulties of the Production

By Rhonda Gargog.

On Friday, February 23rd, the students of ballroom III along with Mrs. Kenney produced the first-ever “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser and set the example for many more to come. However, what were the challenges to producing this marvelous event? With things like creating and teaching a dance, I was able to get first-hand opinions from numerous pros on what they believed was the most arduous part of the making of this event.  

Starting with the youngest,  I decided to ask the junior, Linda Hill. Linda, who was the winner, stated, “a hard thing for McKay and I was to maintain our energy and excitement, not only within our dance, but also throughout the whole day of. I tried to make sure he was feeling okay all day so that we could perform at our best when the time came.”

When the host Lincoln Jack was asked, he informed, “One difficult obstacle was introducing the show. Heritage Academy has never done a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performance before. It was most difficult to advertise. Next year will be much easier.”

Both Donovan Blau and Jackson Haymond agreed that the worst was trying to choreograph something for the first time and hope it would all work out as they tried to teach it. Fortunately, all their hard work paid off.

An interesting thought came from Dean Farar, who stated, “Trying to teach someone the subtleties of a dance style they had never experienced was the most difficult part.” Fortunately, he seamlessly turned his star into a stunning ballroom dancer.

Finally, Mrs. Kenney herself exclaimed, “Trying to run it that night when I was in costume and felt that I could not come out amongst the public was difficult. I should have prepared my helpers more. I couldn’t ‘put out fires’ very well.”

After hearing the different perspectives, I would like to congratulate all that participated in it. For they were all able to conquer these tasks and turn this dream fundraiser into an annual event. Hopefully, the future producers will be able to have an easier time creating their “Dancing with the Stars”!


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