Behind the Student Council

By Ember Lawlor.

You ever wonder how our school events are actually planned? Where the ideas come from? My friend, Kailee Morris, is on student council. I decided to ask her what it is like to help our school and be a member of Heritage Academy’s student council.

1. How do student council meetings work?

Student council meetings typically start with the secretary (me) coming in early to write down the agenda for the day. The agenda usually starts with a review of how our last event went. Next on the agenda are the future events. After I write down the agenda, Mitchell (president) will guide us through the agenda.

2. Who is usually in charge and runs the meetings?

Mitchell (student body president) is usually in charge, or Adam (vice student body president) in his absence, then Rachel (senior class president). But everyone is part of the discussion.

3. Who has more control: students or teachers?

Definitely students, and we all have strong personalities, so Mrs. Mecham’s voice in the discussions can get tuned out sometimes.

4. How long does it take to plan an event?

Planning an event takes a really long time. For instance, we typically start planning a dance before the current dance is even over. We started planning Sadie’s a couple weeks before Winter Formal even passed.

5. How far into the future do you plan?

At the beginning of the year we decide all of the themes and work on more details later.

6. What event are you most excited about?

Currently Sadie’s because I really love time-period themes dances and music. But I am also stoked for the elections coming up, and we have plans to make them more hyped.

7. How long have you been on student council?

I have been on student council for all of this school year, and I was also the representative in 8th grade.

8. What do you love about student council?

I love planning an event, like Winter Formal (I was the chairman of that dance) and hearing how much students loved it. But I also like feeling a strong connection to all of what’s happening at our school. I feel like I can make a difference. The best feeling in the world to me is when one of the ideas you present is liked by all the other members, and that idea makes a difference in the future.

I love the events our school plans. I love the dances and the socials and the lunch performances. So let’s shine some light on how much work our student council does for Heritage Academy.


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