A Strong Start

By Carmiña Garey.

Volleyball season has officially started, and our boys are off to a great start. After Varsity beat the JV team, their next opponent is their rival school ALA Gilbert. This game is against their JV team and the players seem confident.

Before the game starts, both teams warm up. Setting, serving, and spiking. Both sides seem eager to play.  The first set begins and things are going great. The Heritage Academy Varsity team finishes the set 25 to 14. Now with that extra boost of confidence, they get ready for their second set. The ALA team still gets defeated 25-16. Finally, we reach the third set. If the Heroes can win this set, they’ll win the match.

In this set, the ALA team finally begins to put up a good fight. These boys are playing their hardest and we end up behind for the first time by three points. We quickly get ahead again but once again fall short, 20-21. It’s a tight game and it’s starting to look like we might have two more sets, but we tie at 22 points. The next three points could give our Heroes the win, but can they pull through? With one final push, the boys give it all they’ve got and end the set 25-23! Another victory towards the championships.

In an interview after the game, the team’s starting outside hitter, Clayton Anderson, gives his thoughts on how this season will go and whether or not they’ll make it to the championships. Regarding this season he says, “We’ve lost a lot of good players, but I think we have enough skill on our team to keep it going.” He then goes on to explain his thoughts on their chances at winning the championships: “Well, as a team that’s won State Championships twice in our two-year history, I don’t see how we couldn’t make it. And I don’t see any reason why we can’t win.” We can expect an outstanding season from our boys this year, so come out to the games and support the Heroes Varsity volleyball!

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