5 More Minutes

By Paola Kentel-Rodriguez.

Usually, most teenagers end up hitting the snooze button for a few extra minutes of sleep. Those five more minutes are supposed to make you feel more rested, but what ends up happening is the complete opposite.

With the amount of sleep I normally get and how crazy comfortable my bed is, hitting the snooze button has become a part of my daily schedule. Convincing myself it was for the better, this button ended up creating negative effects throughout my day. For example, I noticed that during school hours I would tend to feel worn out and almost fuzzy.

How can pressing snooze kill your day?

Repeated use of the snooze bar causes the user to feel groggy and tired throughout their day. During sleep, there are stages that every brain cycles through at night. The stage being effected is REM (Rapid Eye Movement): “REM sleep is actually highly restorative—and getting enough of it is crucial for feeling sharp and focused” (Taylor). When your alarm goes off, the REM cycle is usually towards the end of its process. Pressing snooze ends up throwing yourself back into the cycle and confusing your entire system. After the second alarm rings, it wakes you up during the cycle. As a result, your body ends up feeling disoriented.

Two strategies that will help break the habit of pressing snooze:

  1. Keep your alarm out of reach. When your alarm is on your nightstand, it is easy to move your hand to hit a button. With the alarm out of reach, you are more likely to stay awake because you are getting up to turn off your alarm.
  2. Go to bed early. Most teenagers struggle to get the sleep their body needs. That is why it is easy for them to press snooze for a couple of extra minutes. If you are always reaching for those minutes, try moving your bedtime up 20 minutes. Then you will come to realize that it is easier to get up in the morning.

With the help of these strategies, getting out of bed will become easier. Learning to get up when your alarm rings will decrease the distress of waking up early.


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