The Inside Scoop on Scott

By Alexis Freeman.

Jason Scott has been teaching at Heritage since 2010 and currently teaches biology and a Brief History of Time. I took his biology class in 10th grade and since then have helped in his class as a T.A. He is a great teacher, and I’ve learned a lot from him so I wanted to learn more about his personal life and interests.

Where are you from?

I was born in Mesa (boring I know), on September 12th 1968.

Tell us about your family

I like to say I’ve been dating my wife for over 30 years. We met at a Saturday night dance, and since we didn’t have phones back then I had to stalk her to figure out her phone number. I watched her dial her home phone number over her shoulder and remembered it, so I could call her later. We have 4 kids and love to hike and be outdoors together.

What has been your favorite subject to teach?

Well biology has always been my favorite subject to learn about and teach, but I really enjoy teaching the Brief History of Time. It’s a small class, and I find that I learn just as much if not more than the students through our discussions

If you could change one thing about the school/world what would you change?

I really hate drama. If I could change anything I wish people would just get along. Conflict is the worst.

What is your favorite movie? All time and the best one you’ve seen recently?

Two of my favorite movies that I’ve loved since I was a kid are the Princess Bride and They Call Me Trinity. My favorite movie of 2017 was Wonder Woman. There were a lot of good movies I’ve seen recently but I really think that one was awesome.

Favorite genre of music and favorite singer?

90s punk rock. Always. Billy Joel, Green Day, Smash Mouth. If you came to my house chances are Angels and Airwaves will be playing. It’s on all the time.

Favorite book?

I can’t choose a favorite, but I love historical fiction with a scientific mystery. I think it’s interesting to see how they go about solving the problem and how our theories develop through time. A great book is Riptide, it’s about a treasure hunt and a haunted treasure.

What is your favorite dessert to come home to after a long day?

If I had to choose a favorite dessert it would be Haagen Daz ice cream, and my favorite flavor is peanut butter chocolate.

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