Step the Pep Up!

By Savannah Brown.

The basketball court is polished and the bleachers are packed. Over in the corner, the referees discuss the rules and regulations. On the other side of the court, the enemy enters, and the vibe in the room suddenly intensifies. All that is missing now are the Heroes–the Heroes that will rise to the occasion and not back down without a fight. The murmur of the crowd grows into a rumble and then breaks into chaos when the Heritage Heroes finally enter! Then all that is heard is the sound of deafening silence as the fans hold their breath. At the sound of the referee’s whistle, the basketball is tossed up and the players follow right behind. It’s the guest’s ball and the home team’s defense is ready for action.

Every person at in the game had a different motive for attending. Some groups were purely there for the social aspect, trying the impress their friends while completely ignoring the environment around them. Others were completely invested in the game, calling out the referees when they missed a foul or made a bad call, encouraging their team, and distracting the opposing side. Right alongside these die hard fans were the parents of the players, rooting for their child while keeping their other children entertained. Examining these different groups, school spirit wasn’t expressed in just one group but in all of them combined. It didn’t matter their motive for attendance, whenever the scoreboard points went up so did the crowd. They rose and celebrated together. The one equalizer between the talkers, the fans, the parents and the players was the game. In the end it didn’t matter the numbers on the wall; it was the emotion evoked during the game that was remembered.

Go Heroes!


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