Heritage Hack: Take a Break

College is important. In each class we’re reminded to keep the grades up, to get the papers in, and that we’re preparing for those upcoming, crucial years. The choices we make about college will impact us for the rest of our lives; naturally, it feels vital to prepare. With the upcoming ACT and SAT and AzMerit looming over our heads, studying and homework can be stressful and overwhelming. As we approach this new chapter in our lives, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking a break.

Hard work is a virtue, but overwork is harmful. Stressed with homework? Take a few minutes off; set a timer if you have to. Take time to reset your brain and relax, even if only for a short while. Remember, we’re not going to be teenagers forever, which means we should enjoy these moments before they’re gone; don’t get so wrapped up in your work that those years wither away before you have a chance to catch up.

Specifically set time aside to pursue hobbies, read a fun book, watch a favorite movie, or hang out with friends. In twenty years when you look back at this point in your life, you may appreciate your diligence in school, but you will also be able to appreciate the fun you had, friendships you’ve made, and interests you’ve explored.

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