Heritage Academy Softball

By Berkley Bickmore.

New girls, new season, and a new chance. Last year we softball girls played the state championship game against Laveen, unfortunately losing only by one point. However, this year we are back and ready to play! Our goal for this year is to play our best and improve our skills. Several girls are joining this year. Fortunately, a few have already played and they all can’t wait to perform on the field. Receiving new practice shirts and jackets this year is a great opportunity for us to represent Heritage. When the games start we would love all the support we can get. Games aren’t posted on the Heritage website quite yet, but soon they will be up, and we are wanting our bleachers full. If possible wear red, white, or blue so we can acknowledge your love and support of the team.

Coach Al is preparing us well and getting us in shape for our games. Clearly, all of us softball girls put lots of effort into every season and arrange our schedules to make softball a top priority in our lives. It’s not just a sport; it’s a passion. Every girl works extremely hard to make sure her grades are up.

Personally, I have been in the Heritage softball program for over four years,  and I love it. As a hardworking student, I have tons of stress on my shoulders. Being able to go out and play is what helps me relax. Playing softball clears my mind and helps me focus on other things. Softball gives me adrenaline and motivation. When I go home after practice, my school work becomes so much easier. After practice or games, I’m not nearly as tired as I typically am. Softball has improved my grades, social skills, and my motivation.

Our school’s softball program is an amazing experience! I recommend trying out if you are interested. You won’t regret it!


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