HAVE SENIORITIS? – just leave the country.


           Look, senioritis is a deadbeat topic. Almost every senior chucks his or her woes into the basket of this disease. It’s a cliched name that makes some people cringe. However, the range of trauma that seniors claim to experience is incredibly varied and a fascinating topic.

           Personally, I fear that school is wasting my time.  I fear not only that my current education is useless but also the area I choose to study in college will be miserable. I had a coworker (see photo) who opened my eyes to a different lifestyle than I could ever have considered for myself. Every day, he searched for cheap flights to his dream countries. After only living in America for 6 months he picked up English; he plans to do the same for countries all over the world. This kid got up and left his home and went country hopping. His life is so incredibly different; I am not sure if I could bring myself to drop all plans for college, move to Portugal, get a low paying job, explore for a while and learn the culture, then pack my bags to move again. The closest I will  probably get to that is spending a semester abroad. Due to generations of college graduates in my family, all I can envision for the future is a solid education that results in a permanent career. This begs the question: I could do so much better? And there lies senioritis–unrelenting dissatisfaction laced with a sliver of pride.

        Many seniors and almost anyone will tell you that senioritis is simply an excuse for laziness. Others claim that kids are always lazy, now they have more stress to feed the plague of procrastination. Senior year feels like you are procrastinating the rest of your life. Senior year is just a time of limbo where expectations are set high, but there is not much that can actually happen yet. Everyone anxiously awaits the robes and diplomas but are stuck with polos and notebooks.

      Multiple seniors told me that senioritis means just taking a nap instead of addressing the never ending deadlines. Once you finally applied to school, there are scholarships, honors programs, student housing, standardized tests… no matter how many forms you complete there is always another one waiting.

      Senioritis to one scholar is learning to be good at not trying anymore; after all these years he’s just done. Each senior is a master at completing just enough work to get by sufficiently. Although teachers intend to launch students into their careers, instead students often become fed up with their classes. There is an air of apathy hanging in every classroom, clinging onto the assignments the students turn in. With this apathy is also a feeling of being overwhelmed with balancing the pressure of their classes with work and social life. Too many of us work more than 20 hours a week on top of whatever work we complete for school.

    Traveling is an allure that tempts every senior–to just run for it and move to a new country. Although country hopping is always an option, perhaps we should just hang on until May.


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