Heritage Hack: Back to School

Winter break has come to an end and students are struggling to readjust to their new sleeping schedules. All too soon, nights of binge-watching Netflix and late night partying are interrupted by early mornings, piles of homework, and actual responsibilities. While one may not want to let the freedom of late nights go, it’s important to remind oneself of the importance of sleep on a school night. This brings us to our next Heritage Hack: get enough sleep. A research article by Amy Wolfson and Mary Carskadon analyzing the effect sleep deprivation has on academic performance states, “The findings strongly indicate that self-reported shortened total sleep time, erratic sleep/wake schedules, late bed and rise times, and poor sleep quality are negatively associated with academic performance for adolescents from middle school through the college years.”.In short, save the late night movie for the weekend because a lack of sleep will only hurt your grades.

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