The Annual Trunk or Treat

     On last Thursday, scholars, siblings, and teachers alike gathered for the annual Heritage Academy Trunk or Treat. The excitement was filling the air as scholars from all walks of life gathered to the campus at 6:00. The amount of effort many of the students put into their costumes was clear. While some spent the time scrutinizing every last detail about their costume, others just went plainly as “normal high school students.”

      The main event of the evening was the chili-off between Mr. Scott and Mr. Blau. Mr. Scott presented his spicier chili while Mr. Blau went mild. Both are experts in the kitchen and have competition experience, but when asked who won the cook-off, they simply said, “Everyone’s a winner! We get to cook and people get to eat free chili!”

     Aside from the massive congregations of students either showing off their costumes or admiring them were the generous parents giving up their time so that it could be a real “Trunk or Treat.” Some went all out, essentially creating haunted houses in the back of their car while others felt that the simplistic roll of spider webs was enough. However, everyone knows that this is just a way to distract young kids so that they can go have fun. Also due to the necessity of occupying the large influx of young children that attend annually, a large, spider-man themed bouncy house was available.

      In the end, no one was disappointed. Everyone, both old and young, found that the two elapsed hours felt more like a matter of minutes. Truly, it was a Trunk or Treat to remember.

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