Heritage Academy Fall Choir Concert

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, the First United Methodist church filled with excited families and friends ready to listen to Heritage Academy’s choir concert. The Chamber Singers started the show with the a capella Renaissance pieces: Salmo 150, Come Away Sweet Love, If Ye Love Me, and El Grillo. They were followed by the Women’s Choral, who sang Laudamus Te, All the Pretty Little Horses, and a Girl’s Garden. After they finished, the Men’s Chorale performed Viva Tutti, Linden Lea, and Sweet Caroline. Advanced Women’s then took the stage with their renditions of the Gift to be Simple, Lullaby, and Bring me Little Water, Silvy. The last choir to perform was Concert Choir, who sang Zion’s Walls, Wie Lieblich Sind Deine Wohnungen, and Kua Rongo. At the end of the concert, all of the choirs crowded on stage and performed the gospel song, Total Praise.  

The music styles varied immensely,  from classic Renaissance music such as Salmo 150, to popular, energetic numbers such as Sweet Caroline. Despite the many differing styles and moods of the music, the choirs were energetic and well rehearsed due to many hours of singing and memorizing. Despite the hard work it will take, the choirs look forward to sharing more music in the next choir concert: The Christmas Concert on December 12.

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