Get to Know Our Student Council

A new school year heralds a new Student Council. You may wonder what the high school members are planning for us this year! With the extravagant Hawaiian Luau theme for homecoming and plenty of lunchtime activities, Student Council seems to be busy!

Mitchell Lund, the student body president, wants to seek out, in his words, “The one.” He wants to include ‘the one’ who is not involved, ‘the one’ who feels left out. He feels that the student council has focused too much on the group, instead of the individual. He is working hard for everyone to be included and to have an exciting year.

Adam Lundgreen, the vice president, aspires to maintain good relations with the pep-club. He also wants the school dances to be a blast.

Rachel Price, the senior class president, is planning an amazing senior trip to Six Flags in California. She also wants to take the student council to new heights and help everyone have a fantastic year.

Kalissa Wilson, the treasurer, wants to make this year an exciting time for all students. She also wants to create new and lasting experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Kailee Morris, the secretary, hopes to hold to her election promise and promote the unification of junior high and high school. Furthermore, she wants to make Heritage feel more like a home to the students, since she feels like Heritage is her home.

John Lane, the Junior Class President, wants to listen to everyone’s suggestions, such as providing apple juice at homecoming.

Trent Moore, the Sophomore Class President, said that he wants to serve and help other Heritage students.

Spencer Porter, the  Freshman Class Representative, simply wants to fulfill all of his assigned duties and help Trent with the dances.

Get to know your StuCo!

Adam’s favorite color? Its green, because of his name- Lundgreen. He loves Taco Bell and listens to alternative music.

Mitchell, like Adam, loves green (for the same reason). He could eat mashed potatoes all day. His favorite song is “Don’t Take the Money”, by the Bleachers. Also, he loves dogs.

Rachel’s color of choice is black, but stubbornly insists that it’s not in a goth or emo way. She wouldn’t reveal her favorite movie, but her least favorite is Pixar’s Wall-E. She prefers McDonalds over any other fast food chain.

Kalissa loves all shades of blue. Her favorite food is bread! Not to mention, she has a thing for musicals.

What about Kailee? She loves the color teal. Despite her father being the reptile fanatic we all know and love, her favorite animals are dogs. Her favorite dessert is a cheesecake, and she loves punk music.

John is not quick to share his personal favorites. All that he is willing to expose is his favoritism towards the dark shades of orange and his favorite hobby- watching Netflix.

Trent finds that fondue, BBQ chicken, and pizza are the best foods out there. Like John, he loves orange. In his opinion, one of the best pastimes is rowing.

Why conform to the norm? Spencer’s favorite color is purple, and he loves jamming it out to country music. However, like many of the other council members, his favorite meal is pizza.


Now that we’ve all learned a thing or two about our wonderful Student Council, let’s support them in their endeavor to make this year one of the best in school history!

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