Football Overview

The first two weeks of the football season for the Heritage Heroes have been weeks of highs and lows. The season promises to be an exciting one, with the change to 11 man football, and the first two games did not disappoint.

The first game of the season was against South Pointe. The Heroes were in for a big welcome to the new format with a 46-6 loss at home. Despite the loss, the crowd supporting the team was in good spirits as the football season had finally started again after a long break. Little mistakes were made as the team inexperienced with the larger format started to figure out the ins and outs of the new formations in an actual game setting. In the end, the Heroes suffered a heavy loss, but they were far from ready to give up on the rest of the season.

The second week of football involved an away game. The Southwest Leadership Academy Rams proved to be tough opponents, but nothing that the Heroes couldn’t overcome. In the first few minutes of the game, Sam Berglund, Adam Lundgreen, and Drew Sutton each scored a touchdown, giving the Heroes an early 18 point lead. However, a few mistakes on the offensive side of the ball led to two interceptions, one of which became a pick six and the other coming only a few yards short of being one. After these touchdowns, the score was 18-16 favor Heroes. The Heroes ended two separate drives within 10 yards of the end zone, but no points were scored. The Heroes defense really came through for them with the last half turning into a battle of the defenses. All in all, the Heroes came out with a decisive win that turned their season in a winning direction.

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