Varsity Volleyball Vs Sequioa Pathway

Welcome back Heroes!! You know the best way to close a five day weekend?! A VARSITY VOLLEYBALL GAME!! That’s right!! On Tuesday, September 5th, Heritage hosted a home game against Sequoia Pathway! And the Heritage girls crushed it on the courts!!

In the first set, the Heroes were a bit sluggish, but it’s understandable seeing as it was a five day weekend. Alyse Whitehead set the front row hitters up with some fan-freaking-tastic sets, awarding the Heroes with kills that won them the first game.

The Heroes brought their A-game with them during the second match, as the team was switched up, this time, with Alexis Freeman producing some hard downballs and Rhonda Gargog setting up the Heroes nicely. Some out of system (out of court) rallies were headed for both teams, and both teams scored, fighting point for point.

In the third and final game, the Heroes were on point! There were kills, blocks and tips from Alyse Whitehead, Erin Berglund, Kylie Bartel, and Hope McCain, with courageous passes from Natalie Burnette, Carlie Mortensen, and Sabrina Moseley. Playing strong won Heritage the game. GO TEAM!

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