Heritage Volley against LFPA Gilbert

GAME, SET, MATCH!!! The Heroes took this game in three!! Cheer after cheer from spikes, aces, and tips were shouted by the volleyball girls in a game that kept them on their toes.

In this game, the Heritage Heroes got a little cocky when they felt they were playing an “easy” team, which allowed for more “oopsy-daisy” moments. But, overall, the Heroes played some great clean volleyball.

Alyse Whitehead was invaluable in this game as she called the shots for tips, and covered the tips from the other team. Natalie Burnette covered the back row like never before, getting ball after ball to Alyse and setting Kylie Bartel up with kills that the LFPA didn’t know how to handle. Erin Berglund was smart in her network (blocks, tips, hits etc.) which added to Heritage’s point basis. Carlie Mortensen’s serves were perfect and her passes were high and honestly pretty to look at.

All in all, a good game was played. The crowd was full of Heritage supporters who cheered loudly to help celebrate the win. This was a good win to prep the girls for the SPIKE IT TOURNAMENT they face this weekend!! Good luck girls!!!

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