JV Volleyball Game vs. EVAC

By Erin Bueler:

On Thursday, September 7, the Heritage Junior Varsity volleyball team began their game against one of our school’s rivals, EVAC. The atmosphere in the room grew more excited by the minute, anticipating the game. When the game started, the girls got down to business and began scoring points as fast as possible. All of the first round was neck and neck with the opponent. By the time JV got to game point (or 24 points), EVAC had caught up with 23 and soon tied the Heroes with 24. Although the team played their hardest, EVAC scored the winning point.

During the last round, the Heroes gave their all. EVAC was making serve after serve and the JV girls were bringing their amazing passes and hits. The rest of the team cheered at the top of their lungs, encouraging the defeat of the Eagles. Despite the Heroes’ spirit, the EVAC Eagles won 25-10. They may have won this game, but EVAC is going to know whose house they’re in next time they play Heritage.

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