Heritage Heroes vs ALA Gilbert

SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!!!! The varsity team cranked out an intense game! Their game on Thursday, August 31st was full of rallies and aces, wins and losses.

To start off, the first game was intense with short balls that Alyse Whitehead was there to cover. The deep balls (spikes from ALA) were protected against by Hope McCain, Katie Oakes, and Kylie Bartel who passed them high so that our setter Alyse was able to produce high sets and smackdown balls for Erin  Berglund and our other front row players. The team talked it up loud and communicated efficiently as though they had one mind. Coach was pleased with the win, and round two began.

Round two was similar to round one in that the ALA players hit their balls and our Heroes picked them up. Serve after serve was up for the Heroes with phenomenal net-work done by the middle-players Erin Berglund and Hope McCain. Very few balls were shanked in this game, and Heritage closed another win. Our Heroes thought they had this set in the bag but didn’t see round three coming.

In the third match, ALA added some last-minute spice to the game to attempt a win. Point after point was scored, hits were placed, passes were picked up, and kills were sent from both sides. Blocks were put up, and both teams gave it their all with ALA coming out on top.

The Heroes were determined not to lose the next game and take overall victory but ended up chocking. One of the highlights in this game was a back and forth triple, where both teams attempted to win that point. Natalie Burnett was at it again with passing saves, and towards the end of the set, Alyse Whitehead threw a monkey wrench into ALA’s plan by setting a tip into their unprotected back corner. Adriana served ace after ace helping us gain extra points, but in the end, communication killed the Heroes, and they lost the fourth match.

Last game. Both teams knew the stakes were high when it came to the winning title. Coaches placed their teams strategically, and the game started. Unfortunately, the Heroes’ heads weren’t in the game as communication was sloppy and energy expended. Our Heroes lost a hard game but plan on taking the title next time they meet!! Let’s go Heroes!

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