Varsity Volleyball EVAC

From the desk of Hope McCain:

Hello Heroes! Welcome to your varsity volleyball news update! Tuesday, the 29th of August, our girls traveled to an away game for EVAC. The girls went through their warm-up routine and were ready to kill it. Starting off strong, the Heroes were on top of their A game until a certain EVAC player started serving up.

Ball after ball was fought for, passed, set and hit. Our back row middle player, Natalie Burnett, was a phenomenal defensive player for us as she had 5 diving saves in the course of 4 minutes! She had several last-minute saves, resulting in the crowd going wild! Alyse Whitehead had her head in the game as she covered the short court like no other. She figured EVAC’s moves before they were even in action. Kylie Bartell killed it, as always, with her incredible spikes. However,  EVAC was so skilled in their ability to pick those up that we only scored a couple of times.

In the end, EVAC did win with their superb coordination as a team and their consistent hits. The Heroes tried their best, but they lost, with sweat staining their brows. Erin Berglund, co-captain of the team, stated, “It was a really fun game to play.” So even though the Heroes lost to EVAC, they are more determined to work harder and to “CAGE THE EAGLE” in the next match!


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