Varsity Volleyball Mission Hills

From the desk of Hope McCain:

        Volleyball. A 30ft by 30ft playing field with only six protectors in designated positions. Attacks and counter attacks are planned, practiced, and perfected. Sets, passes, serves, and hits create that full body workout, as well as a lean, mean volleyball machine. And then it’s game day.

        The first game against the Mission Hills Phantoms allowed the Heritage varsity team to gel together. The varsity team last year was comprised of mostly seniors who had played together for years. A legacy of an undefeated season and coming in a close second for state was imprinted upon this year’s varsity team. However, the team of 2017 is looking towards that goal and  is currently achieving it.

        Although late to the game, the Mission Hills Phantoms were formidable foes. They kept the Heroes on their toes with short balls that forced body slams into the ground in hopes of keeping the ball in the air. In return, the Heroes strategized against the Phantoms with deep serves, hard, fast hits, and short tips that the opposing team didn’t see coming.

        The game was taken in 3 out of 5 possible matches and was “easy” for the varsity girls who were looking for a little bit more action. That is–until the final game. Fighting for the right of the winning title, the Phantoms gave it all they had and were neck and neck for those few final points. Finally, the Heroes closed the game with sportsmanship and a win. Go Heroes!


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