Swim Series #1 – Kick Off Meet

Emilie K. Dunaway

Heroes On Three–ONE, TWO, THREE HEROES! On Saturday the Heritage swim team participated in their first meet of the season and did great. It was a long day, starting at nine and going until at least noon. The returning swimmers were glad to compete again while the new ones were excited to learn the ropes and be an addition to the team. All swimmers came ready to do their best in each event. Caitlin O’Barr powered through four freestyle events this first meet, obtaining a great jumping point for the rest of the season. Dane Brower performed great in the 50 fly and 100 yard breaststroke. Philip Pinkham, one of the Queen Creek students, pushed through a 100 breaststroke and a couple of freestyle events. Emilie Dunaway, Sidney Taylor, MerriLyn Smithson, and Caitlin O’Barr came in first place for the 200 medley relay, and the boys team of Dayson Durfee, Jonathan Pindar, and Matthew and Daniel Taylor brought in second. The guys who competed in the individual 50 yard freestyle finished in half a minute or less and the girls came in under a minute. Jonathan was the brave 200 individual medley-er, performing amazingly  well for not having swam one recently! Sidney, in the 100 backstroke, scored two points and Dayson brought five to the team while breaking a personal record as well! Heritage also had 5 swimmers participate in the 100 yard breaststroke–each finished strong; MerriLyn won first place for the girls division. In the 200 freestyle relay, Dustin and Dayson Durfee and Matthew and Daniel Taylor pulled second and the girls (Angie Shoemaker, MerriLyn Smithson, Emilie Dunaway, and Sidney Taylor) followed in third. Overall the boys team came out second with 36 points and the girls in third with 37. It was a terrific meet, full of proper sportsmanship and excitement. Every athlete on the team swam exceptionally well, and we are so proud of the hard work everyone put in. We can’t wait to compete again. Go Heroes!

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