Choir Trip Announcement

Three minutes before the event started, the room was buzzing. Roughly 75 students and parents were crammed into the instrumental room, creating quite a hum with their pre-event chatter. The lights dimmed. Jeopardy themes rose from the crowd. A mosaic of lights sprang into being, showering the wall with dazzling pinpricks. Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway” blared. Suddenly, the door filled with dancing shapes and the Music Department danced its way in. As this happened, cheers broke out all throughout the room, with the atmosphere turning from anticipation to excitement in an instant. As the cheers and laughter died down, Mrs. Phelps took the mic and started the presentation.

When there is a presentation, it seems that it is usually a teacher standing in front of a few students reading off a small strip of paper in a monotone voice. This time, the room was completely packed, and people had been dancing into the room! The presentation that followed turned out to be less of a mandatory reading of a sloppily written flyer and more of a product launch.

Once everyone calmed down from the initial excitement, the real meat of the presentation began. Throughout the event, Mrs. Phelps would tease the location of the event, looking like she was about to spill the beans, then dodge the question. Each time the location came up in the PowerPoint, it was titled “Secret Location 1” or “2” etc. The anticipation was killing some of the kids. Slowly the details started to come out…

They will be getting a yacht to themselves – somewhere near a beach. It will be an overnight drive – drive, not flight. So, probably Southern California. But before this hypothesis could be confirmed, the staff decided to model the appropriate beachwear. Enter Mr. and Mrs. Rakita…with baby Rakita. All semblance of attention towards the adults temporarily dissolved as Ruby entered the room. A chorus of “awwws” rang out. After order was restored, the info. everyone was waiting for was finally delivered.

 Silence beset the room as the teachers revealed the actual location. Yep, San Diego, falling right into the deductions made earlier. The destination of the 2018 Choir, Orchestra, and Band Trip is San Diego. 112 students of the Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, and the Concert, Advanced Women’s and Chamber choirs leave after school on March 22 and return the morning of Sunday the 25th. The trip will cost $500, paid in three installments: $100 on September 21st, and $200 on December 7th and January 25th. The PTO is going to connect student labor with parent employment–meaning parents will be hiring music students to complete odd jobs.  An ECA Tax credit contest will be held on September 7th at 3:45.

Once the meeting died down, a few questions were asked; assurances were given that the busses would actually function this time, and requests to hold Ruby were sidestepped until later.